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Film your video content at Lighthouse Studios, Bali, alongside Oppida



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Who is Lighthouse Studios?

Lighthouse Studios, based in Bali, Indonesia, serves as Oppida's creative sanctuary for exceptional video productions, boasting a range of dynamic amenities and state-of-the-art studios, where Oppida's vision comes to life with captivating and distinctive content.

Let's address the elephant in the room:

“Why choose Oppida and Lighthouse Studios from across the globe?”

We're thrilled you asked…

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Sanil Rege, Founder of PsychScene
Bianca Raby, CEO of Oppida and 'Bianca Raby' YouTube Channel

Features of Lighthouse Studios


Multi-level podcast & video production complex.


Creative space for brainstorming and ideation.


Vibrant entrepreneur community.


Trendy cafe and bar.


Versatile events space for various occasions.


Three acoustic-treated studios with diverse layouts, backgrounds, lighting, and equipment.


Customisable options to meet your specific production needs.


Ensuring a standout production that captivates audiences.

Working with Oppida and Lighthouse Studios

When you choose Oppida and Lighthouse Studios for your online course video production in Bali, get ready for an extraordinary experience. As you step into the creative oasis of Lighthouse Studios, our team will be by your side, sharing ideas over coffee, and bringing your vision to life.

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