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Welcome to Oppida's Downloads Hub, your primary resource for valuable tools and insights to enhance your elearning journey. Our curated content, suitable for both seasoned educators and beginners, provides essential knowledge and tools for success in the online education landscape. Elevate your skills and excel in elearning with Oppida.

designing teaching videos

Top 10 things to consider when designing teaching videos

Uncover key elements for effective and engaging teaching videos. From scriptwriting to video editing, gain valuable insights to enhance your video production skills and deliver impactful educational content.

video production from home

Teaching video production from home

Master the art of producing top-quality teaching videos from home. This concise guide provides practical tips and tricks, enabling you to create professional and engaging educational content, even with limited resources.

designing for accessibility

Top 10 things to consider when designing for accessibility

Ensure inclusivity in your learning environment. Explore essential considerations for designing accessible educational content. Enhance your grasp of inclusive design principles to make courses accessible to a diverse audience.

rich media glossary

An all things rich media glossary

Demystify rich media terminology from A to Z. Our comprehensive glossary equips you with the knowledge needed to confidently work with various multimedia elements in your elearning materials. Stay informed and empowered in the world of rich media.

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