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Oppida raises the bar in online education

Online course development

Oppida is a one-stop-shop for your online course development needs.

We guarantee:

  • An expert team specialising in Canvas, Thinkific and RISE.
  • A constructively aligned course built using the design thinking methodology. 
  • A proposal in 48 hours.
  • Project commencement within 3 business days of paying the deposit.

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From start to finish, we're your online course development experts

Our specialised team excels in four crucial steps of online course development using leading eLearning platforms:

online course development

Whether you require our comprehensive assistance from beginning to end or simply need support in one of these areas, we are the team for the job!

In a hurry?

No problem.

Employing The Oppida Way means, with your cooperation we can act fast but still deliver a quality course!

Oppida's 4X guarantee

⭐ An expert team specialising in Canvas, Thinkific and RISE.

🎓 A constructively aligned course built using the design thinking methodology. 

📄 A proposal in 48 hours.

🏁 Project commencement within 3 business days of paying the deposit.


"Oppida was instrumental in ANZSOG’s successful pivot to online learning, necessitated by the global pandemic in 2019. Through Oppida’s partnership with ANZSOG, we have been able to redesign every subject to ensure a highly interactive, engaging and contemporary experience for learners. We have particularly valued the responsiveness and support that Oppida has provided our organisation. Through their partnership, our staff have been empowered to grow in capability and understanding of blended and online learning, to the point where we are confident operators in this space."

Jude Barling, Director, Foundation Programs.

"Oppida were a game changer for our organisation. They guided us through change and delivered us to a new outlook, one which places EEV in a position we’ve never been in before: to have the ability to deliver online resources. This has made us, for the first time in our 40-year history, truly connected to our members across all parts of Victoria. Oppida made this happen because they have talented people, a “change is achievable” mindset and the ability to take people on the journey."

Grant Fenton, Executive Officer.

"Through our experiences with using Canvas as an LMS to support our face-to-face training, we sought feedback from students and trainers to identify opportunities for improvement in the products that we had created. We engaged Oppida to help us with this project and they were able to accurately interpret this feedback in order to address some challenges our stakeholders were experiencing. They did this in a timely manner and the end result has been a much improved learning experience for both learners and trainers."

Tim Ferrari, General Manager.

"Oppida’s team of specialists helped Climate for Change develop an online learning platform for our Facilitator training program, which equips more than 150 volunteers each year with the skills and resources they need to facilitate hundreds of Climate Conversations throughout Australia. The end result is a comprehensive training program that allows new volunteers to dive in straight away and frees our staff up to support their learning journey in more meaningful ways. We’re very grateful for the generosity of spirit and depth of expertise shown by the Oppida team in this project."

Lisa Whiston, Climate for Change Assistant Program Manager.

"We chose Oppida due to their demonstrated experiences and capacities in delivering well-designed high-quality e-learning content. Also, their flexibility to integrate seamlessly with our existing work streams and deadlines, while also taking the time to understand our needs and fine-tune their recommendations accordingly were key selection criteria in the tender process. We now look back at several months of hard work and are proud of the product we co-created in such a short time. Thanks again for supporting us on the amazing learning journey!"

Nils Reubke.

"We really appreciated how open and responsive the Oppida team were to working with our brief!"

Jeffery Soong, Regional Manager Asia, MBS Asia.

"We are extremely pleased that we chose to partner with Oppida for the development and redevelopment of our courses. Oppida have a deep understanding of the e-learning space and produce industry leading courses. Their ability to successfully project manage the entire process, from the initial specification stage to the final build, has been eye-opening and something we have learned a great deal from. We will not hesitate to partner with Oppida on future projects."

Rhyan O’Sullivan, Managing Director, TTA.

"We engaged Oppida to help us with the style guide design and set up. Oppida assisted us in every step of the way including staff consultation and post implementation support. One thing that stood out about Oppida is their attention to detail and creative approach"

Prasad Pinnamaneni, Project and Business Analyst.

"I can say that we have achieved so much more than what I thought we would in the budget that we had and this is thanks to project management and the Oppida team super skills!"


Kylie Holmes.

Why Canvas, Thinkific and Rise?

  • canvas
    Leading LMS in the market
  • thinkific
    Leading Platform in the market
  • rise
    Leading authoring tool in the market