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Oppida raises the bar in online education

Learning Vault

Compliant certificates integrated seamlessly with LMS systems

learning vault

Who is Learning Vault?

Learning Vault is Australia’s leading provider of digital badging and credentials. Learning Vault’s encrypted digital record solutions are the first of their kind, with the ability to dynamically create compliant certificates through seamless integration with LMS and SMS systems. 

Securely digitising the way you recognise achievement not only helps to streamline processes, it empowers students with a dynamic, verifiable, and machine readable record of skills and achievements for the workforce of the future.

How do Oppida and Learning Vault work together?

As digital credentialing became a more common request by Oppida’s customers, we established a partnership with Learning Vault as industry leaders in badging and credentials. 

As experts in Learning Design, Oppida builds the content and Learning Vault provides the credentials. 


Oppida built the Assurance Essentials course in partnership with Satinbird and Learning Vault badged it.

National regulators community of practice

Oppida built The Professional Regulator course in partnership with ANU Enterprises and ANZSOG. Learning Vault built the front end and badged it.

The benefits of working with Oppida and Learning Vault

Already been an Oppida customer? 

Great! A discount will be honoured to badge your course.

New to online course development and badging? 

No worries. The Oppida and LV team will co-host a discovery call to determine the best way forward. Then, if you love what we propose you will get a discount on badging.