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Oppida raises the bar in online education

Oppida in schools

Let Oppida's comprehensive solutions empower your teachers, engage your students, and help your school thrive in the digital age.

  • Setting up or migrating to Canvas
  • Building online courses/programs for the long term
  • Training leadership, staff and administrators in Canvas


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As technology advances, the need for schools and teachers to upskill in digital design and delivery increases. 

This is where Oppida comes in. We are the industry experts in learning design AND leaders in teaching the art of learning design!

How can Oppida help your school?

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If you are a Canvas school – or about to migrate – we are THE experts in custom, engaging Canvas instance setups.

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Developing a course/program that will be delivered multiple times across many years? We can support your teachers to design and publish, whilst also teaching them the art of learning design.

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Training programs tailored to your school's systems and unique digital adoption goals.

Why Canvas?

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What does learning design look like in a classroom?

All traditional classrooms are now adopting blended learning by default. Therefore, the need for learning design in classrooms is increasing.

Learning design in a primary school

Core curriculum content

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Soft skills reflective practice

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Learning design in a secondary school

Career counselling

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School orientations

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